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UK Writers Retreat

Accelerated Author 2 Day Book Writing Course

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Dates for the Autumn 2017 Course are yet to be confirmed but you can register your interest – with no obligation to attend – just click the button.

The Writers Retreat

The Ultimate Creative Experience

There’s a pattern to a great book – and how do you define a great book?

For all my clients, a great book is a book that helps them to build a platform that takes them from expert to thought leader.  A great book for the people I work with is one that connects to their business and helps them build credibility and a suite of products or services around what’s inside the book.

Think of a book as a great launchpad – it’s a way of getting your thinking straight and clear.  When you break your ideas out into discrete ‘chunks’ you can re-use the ideas and stitch them back together to suit a host of different formats.  From clear organisation of your ideas you can present them as a book, as an online course, a keynote speech, a webinar or a seminar or a training course.  All that sounds easy  – until you come to do it!  That’s where having expert help comes in.  Without exception – every single one of my clients finds it easy when they use my system.  More than that, I promise you, you will find your voice and a way to express it that will not only surprise you but will captivate your audience as well.

It’s Time the World Knew About You.

For all that and more – I offer you 2 days of inspirational learning AND doing.

Here’s what you will learn…

  • The VITAL importance of your opening chapter, what goes in it and why
  • Craft the first draft of your opening chapter
  • Learn what a HOOK chapter is and WHY it’s the key to the success of your book
  • Craft the first draft of your HOOK chapter
  • Exactly HOW  to structure your content for maximum impact
  • Create your content structure on the course!
  • Why you MUST have a clear and easy-to-grasp THEME for your book – and how to find it!
  • Come up with the perfect THEME for your book on the course – with my help!
  • Why your personal story becomes your brand and how you use it to help others
  • Write the first draft of your personal story on the course!
  • How to write like a professional author – learn the style and impact tricks of the trade.
  • Try out your new writing skills and get instant feedback and increase your confidence