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Keynote speaker

A keynote speaker with content and stories to inspire audiences and help people to get fired up and fulfil their true potential.

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You can ask Sophie to tailor a keynote speech for your conference or event.  The two current popular keynotes are:

Fired Up – Find Your Unique Blueprint for Unstoppable Drive

A brand new keynote based around the five different types of drive that we all have.  Packed full of stories and anecdotes, this keynote will deliver personal insights to every audience member in the room.  It also generates great interactions between people long after the speech is over.  The accompanying book is due out in early 2018 and personalised editions for companies can be printed on request (minimum order 500 copies).

Success Horsepower – Insight into Your Potential

An unusual keynote that looks at success from a totally different perspective.  Contains lessons from the saddle that transfer seamlessly to insights into peak performance and leadership.  Key ideas inside this keynote include dealing with adversity, the secret of great timing and building trust.

To see Sophie on stage watch the video below.  The Charisma Code interactive keynote is available and ideal for larger audiences and organisers looking for an entertaining learning experience that increases confidence and embeds positive behaviours long after your conference is over.