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Fired Up Friday #7 – The Person Behind The Numbers

You're never too important to make your own sandwiches!


3 Strongest Leadership Trends for 2017

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1st December 2017 0 comments

Headlines with big numbers are certainly eye-catching, but what’s harder to get insight into is the person behind the numbers.

Judy Naake was the original powerhouse behind the St. Tropez tanning brand. She started the business from scratch in the UK and eventually sold it a venture capital firm. So a chunk of today’s Fired Up Friday is taken from an exclusive interview that I’m reviewing today for inclusion in the book #FiredUp.

What’s On Fire This Week

Asking for money! It’s no good being passionate about what you do if you are broke…..

Judy was keen to stress that women are great at building relationships but we need to be good at asking for the money as well.

Scorching Read of the Week

Mindset, by Carol Dweck. A fascinating read that I first came across over a decade ago but Dweck’s research is as valid now as it ever was. Judy Naake has a growth mindset and it was that sense of possibility that helped her to grow St. Tropez into the golden child of the tanning industry. (sorry – you know I love a good pun. Never trust a writer who doesn’t…)

Smokin’ Quote of the Week

You have to be single-minded, you have to filter out all the distractions. Judy Nakke.


Illuminating Revelation of the Week

You are never too important to make your own sandwiches…

Judy built her early business relationships over a home-made lunch. Her competitors didn’t; they sent their trade clients out to buy their own lunches while Judy was building relationships over a good old British sandwich (and handing out order forms as they munched away). She ended up with a tasty reward.

Where Did You Shine This Week?

This part is still a bit messy, the answers come in through so many channels but I do read them all and love to hear where you have shone brightly yourself this week.

Come on, celebrate your successes, even the little ones! Head over to my Facebook page and post a comment to the #FiredUpFriday post…(or reply to this email)

Keep your flame alight
Sophie x

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3 Strongest Leadership Trends for 2017

Should you apply them?

Your details are kept totally confidential.