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leadership starts with you

The people we work with have one thing in common, they are driven to succeed. 

It’s time to open up your LeadershipGenius. Read more about how we help people like you reach new levels of success.

About Our Team

Succeed with Integrity

Sophie and her team of trusted associates at LeadershipGenius and our partner company Cool Leadership work with clients who are driven to succeed. We help people to develop talent, define and develop a strong business culture and to help your people gain the skills and confidence to succeed.

Do you value an ethical & inclusive Culture at work?
Do you value people with a positive mental attitude, resilience, integrity and creativity?
Do you value people who take responsibility?
Are you developing your next leaders?
Then let’s talk because we probably have things to talk about!

Our clients come to us to commission;

  • In-house Leadership Programs
  • Business Strategy consulting
  • Facilitation of C-Suite Level Creative Days, and
  • Support & Coaching services for the C-Suite.

Sophie and her team of LeadershipGenius Associates and COOL Associates include specialist consultants, business coaches, mentors, leading speakers and trainers and even include senior leaders from business schools including Cranfield and Warwick Business schools.

We exist so you succeed.